Alterrailing Europe – Crappy Destinations : Husum & Rendsburg

This is a series of alternative interrailing destinations in Europe aka Alterrailing Europe – Crappy Destinations. The journey through Europe’s less-traveled towns started from Niebüll (Germany) and the logical way down south is towards Husum and Rendsburg.


It is a terrible idea! The 100 km train trip can take as long as 7 hours and 7 mins, during which we have to change the train two times. But hey, this is the reason we left home: to face the world and have the time of our lives. Meet new friends and share the experiences together.


It might seem crazy what I’m about to say.


It is better to avoid these surroundings. I went and pinpointed the main filming locations of the video around Marienkirche. I also came up with an intelligent zone with the radius of 500 meters. Half-life of flash “Happy” flash mobs is around 2 years so there still is a risk of contamination inside this god forbidden place.


500 m danger zone around main filming locations of “Happy”.


Border of train station and the danger zone. Restaurant Tripoli and a coffee shop are left behind.

Since we are already suffering from constant nosebleeds, we’ll grab something to eat near the train station.

Where to eat?

While most of the restaurants are left inside the danger zone, there is one just 150 meters from the main platform, VOSS im Bahnhof Husum.


The place turns out to be a café/bistro inside the Husum train station. I don’t have any fond memories of train station cousine but this will go for now. It is only an hour and a half to our next destination. So chomp on that Kieler Sprotten und Snuten un Poten and let’s go!


Rendsburg is a cozy mozy town of 28,000 inhabitants. It is situated on the River Eider and the Kiel Canal. Notable people from Rendsburg include Noah Wunsch, painter/photographer/designer. Here is one of his paintings:


Better than those New York posters from IKEA.

Now that we have covered some quick facts, it is time to cover some of the things you can do in Rendsburg. Oh boy, I wonder what this town has to offer!

Things to do?

One of the main attractions in the town is Rendsburg High Bridge. It is a structure spanning and providing passage over a river (this one!), chasm, road, or the like. Bridge is a bridge, but have you ever visited the longest bench in the world?

Second or third biggest bench in the world! Groovy!

Actually, the longest bench measured in the world is 1,013.32 meters (3,324 ft. 6 in.) and it’s situated in Jakobsbad, Switzerland. But, don’t tell this to Rendsburgers!

Where to stay?


What a way to present your hotel!


Amenities include: Free parking, restaurant and a glory hole.

This is the first picture I came by after googling “Where to stay in Rendsburg”. Hotel Pelli-Hof staff hasn’t taken into account that traveler photos can also be featured in the slideshow.

Okay, jokes aside.

For budget travelers, Familie Jarck Camping in Bistensee is the way to go. It is 6€ for one night per person, counting that you sleep in a tent. The place is 12 km from Rendsburg but a happy camper walks that easily in 1.5 hours.

For those who want something more elegant, check out Hotel 1690. Prices for rooms start at 69€. Also, it is 500 meters from the train station.

Where to eat?


What looks like a Christmas themed strip bar, is actually Adria, a restaurant specialized in Croatian and international dishes. I personally have never eaten Croatian food, so I’d give it a try. And if you were actually searching for a strip bar, there is one in the nearby city of Izenhoe (*giggle*).

More info about Husum & Rendsburg and interrailing:


That’s it for the first destination on our alterrailing trip. Come back next week when we continue the trip around Europe.

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