Alterrailing Europe – Crappy Destinations: Niebüll

You’ve probably heard about EU planning on giving free Interrail pass to every 18-year-old in Europe on their birthday. That’s  a 479€ interrail pass with unlimited travel for a month. I have never had an interrail trip so I’m definitely looking for the option of performing an identity theft on a local teen. If you know someone with a bootleg passport factory, write down in the comments below.

Anyhow, I’m starting this new series of alternative interrailing destinations in Europe aka Alterrailing Europe – Crappy Destinations. I’m launching the term “alterrailing”, because I’m cool like that. I also had too much coffee this morning. Let’s go with this from no on.

So here we are: interrailing tips from a person who has never interrailed and showing off cities no one has heard of or even cares for. This ought to be good. Skip London, Paris and Rome, and make Niebüll your home.

Niebüll – Jewel of The North

Niebüll (also spelled Naibel and Nibøl) is a town of 10,000 people, situated near the North Sea coast of Germany and the border of Denmark. The city is twinned with two equally unknown cities of:

And that’s about all the information I could fish out from Wikipedia.

Niebüll makes for a convenient stop between Hamburg and the cities in Western Denmark. After hours of researching this border town, I’ve come up with ideas on how to make the best of your stay in Niebüll.

Things to do?

Take a shuttle to Sylt, an ovary shaped island in the archipelago. The island is well-known for its 40-kilometer-long beach and for being an actual tourist destination, unlike Niebüll.


Sylt in German North Sea archipelago. That’s a nice wood path.

On the way to the Sylt bus terminal, check out the famous Red Niebüller Ghost Van.

If you’re into outdoors, you could run a marathon, starting from Niebüll city centre, continuing to Saed in Denmark and finishing back in Niebüll.

The town is also the final frontier for cheap beer, so you should stock up with ethanol before heading up to Denmark.

Niebüllers are obsessed with Pharrell Williams. There is a good chance you’re gonna end up in one of their cringey “Happy” flash mobs while visiting the town. You might also want to avoid Easter time. That’s when hundreds of Easter Bunnies dance to the same jingle.

This is just something I came across. Play the videos at the same time for that extra effect:

Play the videos at the same time for that extra effect. Excuse me while I wash my ears with windshield washer fluid.

Where to stay?

For the budget-minded, there is a youth hostel Jugendherberge Niebüll in town. The place looks like it might have “Happy” playing from the outdoor loud speakers 24/7. You might want to take some earbuds with you. Prices for rooms start at 21.6€.

Can’t help it.

For travelling couples or for people who want some privacy, there’s Hotel Insel-Pension. They offer single rooms starting from 62.5€ (including breakfast). The hotel’s got a proper sauna and not one of those shitty radiator heated dry saunas, ugh. (I get really triggered when people refer to these sweat boxes as saunas. But that’s just me.)

If you stop over during overcast or just generally shitty weather, go to Hotel Insel-Pension for a sauna and smuggle in one of those beers I mentioned earlier.

Where to eat?

Treat yourself and head to Papa’s Dönerhaus & Pizzeria. Wear a leather jacket and get -30% discount on all pizzas and kebabs. Only valid from New Moon to First Quarter. Check out  Lunar Calendar for detailed dates.


-30% discount on all pizzas and kebabs when wearing a leather jacket.

Craving for Greek food? If so, Athen Restaurant is your choice! The place offers “Griechische Spezialitäten” with great prices.

Don’t let the entrance decor fool you: the place is not a public toilet!

More info about Niebüll and interrailing:


That’s it for the first destination on our alterrail trip. Come back next week when we continue the trip towards the Mediterranean.

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