How To Plan A Spontaneous Weekend Trip To Rio 2016 Olympics

Are you watching Rio 2016 Olympics on TV and feeling sad for not being there? Got a bad case of Fear of missing out or FoMO? All those tanned spectators witnessing the mixed doubles in Badminton and women’s 200m backstroke. If you are feeling spontaneous, you can still make it to men’s 100m run this Sunday, see Usain Bolt live and make it back home to work on Monday. I am going to show you how to plan a trip to Rio 2016 olympics, the ridiculous way.

Spontaneous trip to Rio 2016 Olympics

The schedule

Rio 2016 Olympics kicked off a week ago with a massive opening ceremony. The games will go on all the way until 21st of August, when millions of people are forced get off their couches and face the pre-Olympic world. Although, there is no need to worry since the Rio 2016 Paralympics start on September the 7th, less than three weeks after the Olympics.

But we are on a tight schedule. Men’s 100m final starts on Sunday 14th of August (this Sunday!) at 10.25pm local time! Let’s start by booking the flights.

Booking the flights

Flights aren’t likely to come down in price. After all, you have to fly either today or tomorrow. Time is limited so we’re gonna search for the cheapest non-stop flight.

I used Skyscanner and listed the prices to Rio de Janeiro from various cities around the world. All prices are in USD.

Example flights from New York (13-15.8):


What a bargain! Only $2,713 for the return tickets. Also, we are facing a small problem here. You are definitely not going to make it to work on Monday but only on early Tuesday morning.

The 100m final is scheduled at 10.25pm on Sunday so there is no way you can fly out on Sunday. Just call in sick from the airport.

Example flights from London (13-15.8):


If you’re a Brit, you’re in for a treat! Only $1,620 for the flights!  You are still going to miss work on Monday and you are going to be extremely late on Tuesday. But, it was all worth it! *crossing the Olympics from bucket list*

Example flights from Helsinki (13-15.8):


$1,309 is the best deal! If you’re flying from Finland, you’re going to miss two days of work, unless you work in the airport in Helsinki. But hey, you’ve been to the Olympics!

Example flights from Kingston (13-15.8):


No love for Jamaica. You are going to see the run, but after that +29 hour flight and 13 hour stopover in Panama, you are too destroyed to enjoy the event. Also, you are going to miss three days of work. Also, $2424 is a one month salary in Jamaica. But, you’re going to witness your fellow Jamaican competing in Rio so you’ve got that goin’ for you.


The best thing about the trip: you don’t need an accommodation! Since you are only staying in Rio for the 100m run, you can easily stay awake the whole time. Also, you can sleep in the airplane/airport for free!

Event tickets

Tickets to the Olympic Stadium on Sunday ran from $350 to $1,200 but are apparently sold out at Rio 2016 official site. Your best bet is to look for secondhand tickets online or try to buy one from bootleg salesmen. I’m surprised if the street price for the tickets is less than $500!


It is a terrible idea to travel to Rio only for the weekend in such a short notice. It is also a terrible idea to book flights to Rio anytime in the next two weeks.

You need to book flights/accommodation/tickets to certain events/trips/excursions you are partaking. For example, I paid way too much (extra $200) for my one-way trip from Colombia back to Europe. I booked the ticket two weeks before departing! Also,  I met a couple on their honeymoon in Peru. They only had a week in Peru and they planned to see Machu Picchu via Inca Trail, one of the most popular walks in South America and maybe in the whole world! To their surprise, every tour operator was fully booked that week and they missed the hike. They were pretty sad. My advise is: plan the big things and improvise the rest.

For the love of god or anything that is holy to you (be it flying spaghetti monster or your guitar), save the money and check out for free live streams of Rio 2016 Olympics. Or, go and see the Paralympics in September.

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