Greetings from Chile

I am in Chile! Actually, I have been here already for two weeks. The five months in Brazil went like a blur before my eyes. There are many stories to share and I will keep on posting Brazil-themed stuff in the future. But now it’s time to head up north!

Goodbye Canon, Welcome Sony

I decided it was time for my good old friend Canon S95 to retire. It has been an amazing point-and-shoot for discreet travel photography. I now stepped up the game with Sony a6000 and oh boy, what a difference! The pictures in the upcoming posts will be shot with the new Sony.

New theme

I went and tidied up the site. Change from the theme Twenty Sixteen to Optimizer lets me, well, optimize things better. I like the customization options in the new theme!

What’s up?

I am currently in San Pedro de Atacama, in the Atacama desert in Northern Chile. I am travelling around the desert with my girlfriend for a week. Next week I’ll be posting more about the trip. Updates will be slow this week due to bad connections. Heavy rain and floods destroyed telecommunications in Antofagasta, also affecting the Atacama region. I guess it is also good to disconnect for awhile!

But for now, I am introducing you to my new friend Jake, one of the 100 dogs I have met here in Chile.



Who’s a good boy?

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