Poor Man’s Christ The Redeemer

I must be the only person who has been to Brazil but never visited the Christ Redeemer statue in Rio. But, it isn’t the only Christ statue in Brazil. There are hundreds of less known pale faced saviors in the country. I visited one of them, Cristo Luz in Balneário Camboriú.

Where is it?

The statue is located in Balneário Camboriú, a popular holiday location and a beach resort in the state of Santa Catarina. The city is sometimes called “The Dubai of Brazil” because of its high number of skyscrapers. It is quite remarkable for a city of 120.000 inhabitants.


Main beach in the centre of Balneário Camboriú, Avenida Atlântica.


Road leading to the Cristo Luz complex.

The statue is easy to locate from the main highway and the first road signs show up when entering the city. It is around five minute climb with a car or a sweaty 30 minute pilgrimage by foot.

How are the views?

Ok, ok. It’s not Rio.


View from Cristo Luz to the city center and the high rises.

From the top you can see the city and the skyscrapers and the hills in the background. Nonetheless, it’s a cool view.

How is the statue?

Cristo Luz is only five meters shorter than its cousin in Rio (38 meters). In its left hand the statue is holding a sun, blessing and lighting the sinners and the Argentinian tourists. Hence the name Cristo Luz (luzlight).


Here you won’t be crushed by the crowds.

In the time of visiting the complex was really quiet. There are two small restaurants, a museum and a gift shop: all of them boasting a cheesy Roman Empire style.

I bought a 3D postcard from the gift shop depicting the beach front of Balneário Camboriú and grinning Pope Francis.I asked the lady in the shop, if I could jump on the trampoline in a playground in front of one of the restaurants. She said “no”. What a way to ruin someone’s day.


Empty restaurants behind Christ’s back.

Jesus Christ Superstar?

The statue is lit up every night by lights placed around it. For each day of the week there is a color with special meaning:

Day Week Predominant Color Meaning
Sunday White Peace and Faith
Monday Yellow Peace and Energy
Tuesday Green Peace and Nature
Wednesday Blue Peace and Health
Thursday Lilac Peace and Reflection
Friday Red Peace and Love
Saturday Rose Peace and Happiness

Source: cristoluz.com.br/en

And this is how it looks in action:

The King of the Kings

Both of these statues don’t stand a chance to the champion.


Pomnik Chrystusa Króla or Christ The King.

The tallest statue of Jesus in the world is located in Świebodzin, Poland. Christ the King is 33 metres, with the total height of 52,5 metres with the crown and the podium.

What did I miss?

Probably not much. Christ the Redeemer is an iconic sight, but so is the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. And I always thought the best thing about the statue was the nearby ice cream van. Rum raisin ice cream and a summer day, ah!

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