Beto Carrero World: The Biggest Theme Park in South America

I like amusement parks. I like ’em a lot. I was happy to find out that there was one a short drive away. Just 100 kilometers north of Florianópolis in the city of Penha, stands Beto Carrero World, the biggest theme park in Brazil and whole South America. Further, in 2014 TripAdvisor ranked the park as the sixth best amusement park in the world.

Beto Carrero World is really well hidden from the main highway leading to Curitiba. It’s just a kilometer before that you realize there really is an amusement park there. In the entrance, a huge “Disney gone acid” themed castle invites the park goers for a day of fun.

The amusement park opened for the first time in 1991. The name comes from the founder Beto Carrero (born João Batista Sergio Murad); country musician, radio announcer and a pretty successful theme park entrepreneur. He performed in several Brazilian TV shows as a cowboy, his well-known stage persona. Outside of acting, he would occasionally pop up in his park and entertain the guests.

Map of Beto Carrero World. Click the map for larger size. © Beto Carrero World 2016

The park is divided into nine different zones. You got the Islands of Pirates, a Kids Fair, authentic looking German village, Wild West with cowboy stuff, an Animal park, The Land of Dinosaurs, The Avenue of Nations (attractions from different countries) and The Radical Adventure (rides that go “boom” and “whee”). There are also different shows available for those who prefer to stay on the ground.

The park has a partnership with DreamWorks, creators of animations such as ShrekMadagaskar and Kung Fu Panda. You can find the animation characters roaming around the park and some of the park attractions are named after the movies.

I went to Beto Carrero World with a group of friends. We spent 4-5 hours in the park but only got a small glimpse of the huge area.


The amusement park was totally empty during our visit in the end of January. The longest we queued was 45 mins.


The western side of the park is dedicated for families with small children.

Pirate ship in Beto Carrero World.

It’s not an amusement park without a pirate ship.

Hippo in Beto Carrero World.

Hippopotamus amphibius from sub-Saharan Africa, now residing in Southern Brazil.

Big Tower in Beto Carrero World.

Big Tower with a free fall of 93 meters. No cameras allowed.

My favorite attraction, without a doubt, was the FireWhip roller coaster. It is an epic 90-second ride! The ride is next to a small water roller coaster (Tchibum) where I got totally soaked before. I came out of FireWhip with a perfectly dry shirt!

So I came up with the following:

Laundry services in Brazil charge in average R$8 per kg.

Ticket to Beto Carrero World, on the time of writing, is R$140.

If you take 18 kg of dirty clothes and take the Tchibum followed by FireWhip, you’ve got the money back from the ticket!

Outside of great laundry service, Beto Carrero World is a diverse, well-organized and fun amusement park. It is a cool place to let your inner child roam free.

And I mean, who doesn’t like to have a little bit of fun?

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